Surveys Galore – All you have to do is Ask!

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Surveys Galore – All you have to do is Ask!

Everyone and their dog has an opinion these days. And they are willing to tell you what it is. So why not use the various tools available to easily gather opinions, views, ideas or just good ‘ol data! You may be a start-up trying to figure out if your product makes any sense or you may be a professional looking to add meat to your business case before the next big review meeting. Whatever the reason, you simply can’t say that you didn’t know how to get the inputs from scores of people you don’t know. Anything from an employee survey to market research to customer satisfaction to just a simple science quiz – it’s easy and free.

Survey MonkeyThe most popular polling site is Survey Monkey. Founded by Dave Goldberg (Sheryl Sandberg’s late husband), this site lets you get a lot done with the basic, free version. Available as desktop and app versions, Survey Monkey has a Question Bank with tons of templates questions you can use to make sure you are asking what you want in the best possible way. In the free version you can ask 10 questions (text, drop down, multiple choice, etc) and collect 100 responses. As you add features, you can choose a monthly plan that works best for you, starting at Rs. 699 per month. This will give you options to allow more responses, add a logo, incorporate logic and randomization in the questions and export reports. There is also an extensive feature around getting benchmarks for your results and purchasing genuine respondents.

If beauty and simplicity mean something to you then TypeForm is the place to go. They make surveys look and feel so smooth that you want to answer them. TypeForm considers itself a beautiful way to interact with not users but humans. It has some preset TypeForm templates for use-cases like event registration, payment, collecting insights, quizzes. There is an air of informality to TypeForm that would work well for those trying to reach an unknown audience and need to catch their attention with colours, humour and style. It’s also very easy to use and your poll can be created in a matter of minutes with images and logos even in the free version.

A feature-rich option is Poll-Maker. Who?
“In 2004 long before Facebook, mobiles and viral content ruled the web our two Australian founders Michael and Martyn published an online surveying platform from the garage of an office in Sydney.”
This is another creative option with several templates available for polls, surveys and one of their key features – quizzes. The site is colourful and easy to use. In fact all surveys are called a quiz and the free version allows pretty quick creation. This includes some Poll-Makertheme options and settings tab. If you have a clear set of questions and exactly 5 minutes in hand, with Poll-maker you may even have a few seconds to spare. No sign up, no login, just type the questions, response choices and you are done. You can later create an account to manage the quiz.

Then there is QuestionPro. The landing page gives you an impression that it is extensively used by corporates as many client logos appear on the screen. Here too the free version offers quite a bit – 15 types of questions, themes, question library, reports, social media sharing etc. The pricing starts at $12 per month for professionals and $75 for corporates (with a lot of additional features like Live Chat, dedicated account manager, sales force integration, etc). Looks to be a good options for small businesses and large corporates where customisation and volume of responses is key.

And finally, the grand-daddy of surveys. If you don’t want to use any of these, there is always Google Forms. You have just a few simple questions and you don’t want to get all fancy… just choose a template and finish in a jiffy. You can also custom create as per your needs also. This does everything that any basic survey needs and gives you a spreadsheet with the captured results. google-docs

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