Pfadz allows you to register, submit, share and earn all in the space of a few minutes.



Register with your email or your social profiles and post whatever content you like. Please keep the content in article form and include as many pictures as possible. Then, click submit and your post will be moderated and posted.


Your post gets featured of and on our social channels. Hopefully on yours as well!.



We recognize that authors and content creators are the true engine that drives our site, and so give back in the form of revenue sharing.

For this, we have allocated 80% of revenue earned to be shared with contributors. This will be called the Community Pool, as long as your post(s) are viewed by at least 5% of our total viewers. The more readers you get, the more you earn, its that simple! The viewership is measured by every calendar month.

Whatever percentage of traffic your article or articles generate is the same percentage of the community pool amount that will be transferred to you each month.

For example – if you have done three posts in January with a combined viewership of 7%, you will get 7% of the community pool. However, if you get a combined viewership of only 3% ( in the same example) then you will not get a share that month – hopefully you can get more readers in the next month. One post is legible for earning for 3 months from date of publishing.

You can monitor in real time the relevant stats your article is racking up and keep a track of just how much money is coming your way.

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