Stillness speaks

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Stillness speaks

GIF images have been around for a while. I have been told 25 years. And we have all seen the funny memes etc. But Gifs have been increasingly used by illustrators to add a dimension to their digital illustrations. I have recently started experimenting with this with my DP’s. And here are some of them. You need to click on the images to see the animation.


The thing with using animation in still images is you cannot do away with the stillness, both need to exist side by side.

Too much movement can take away from the stillness and that will wreck the image. So both movement need to be at play.


The idea for me is not to take away the charm of a still illustration. It’s more like to make the life in an image a little more stark.



I am the great pretender. Sometimes a pianist, sometimes a comic book artist.


  • Apurv Nagpal30. Oct, 2015

    I simply loved the gifs !! Very real, relatable and lovely
    Would recommend you putting up a cover pic for the article – Edit / Set Featured Image – thanks for posting !

    • fasutas30. Oct, 2015

      Thanks a ton.

  • Anonymous30. Oct, 2015

    Wow ! Simply splendid… That’s what is known as talent ! Being Solo in this over populated world. Each picture speaks for itself…

    • fasutas30. Oct, 2015

      Thank you for your kind words. And stopping by to read the post.

  • Anonymous30. Oct, 2015


  • Anonymous31. Oct, 2015


  • Anonymous01. Nov, 2015

    These express individual character, it’s poetic, it tries to speak to the potential of all people to live full, complex, imaginative life.. To give the voiceless a voice..

  • Anonymous11. Nov, 2015

    Dawn is breaking, a fleeting moment when the sun can kiss the moon…

  • Shoumi Dasgupta24. Nov, 2015

    Brilliant. Absolutely mind blowing. :)

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