Small Town

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Small Town

Coming from this small town place,

I could not match the bigger city pace.

Here the world seems bright,

But no friendly sight in the moonlight.

Children here seem to be running fast,

as if there is no second chance.

Life used to be bliss,

But now every second brain says Is that what you missed.

World here has a different charm,

Everyone wakes up with an alarm.

People find you a little creep,

As if you are a dirty sheep.

Could be what image I got is wrong,

Optimism is what I have strong.

Wish this difference could be computed,

And these negative noises could be muted. 



  • pallavi mahajan02. Apr, 2016

    Ishii it is really a nyc poem and is somewhat an inspiring to me as you are my inspiration, i have told you earlier. It is reality based poem and is a true fact. Great work done and keep it up…:) (y)

  • Modna Sharma04. Apr, 2016

    Ishita… This poem is really good.. You have potential and you can do better .. 👍

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