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The New Turing Phone Might Just Become Everyone’s ‘Safest’ Bet

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A phone without a USB port might leave some baffled with regard to an exclusion of a such a common, vital feature. But when you find out that this particular phone is made from liquid metal and will run unbreakable encryption features guaranteed to keep data safe, you start to get a gist of just what Turing Robotic Industries is doing with its latest innovation.   Syl Chao, the Chinese architect turned phone creator and Turing Robotics Industries CEO – “Architecture is all about challenging the impossible,” Chao says. “When the Empire State Building was built, the elevator didn’t exist […]

The Wild and Wacky World of Hip Hop Hairstyles.

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Counter-Culture in the 90s had an eccentric, vivid identity, and no subculture took things to the level that Hip-Hop did. While the Hippies and Grunge movements didn’t have much inventiveness in the clothing department (shabby-chic?), rappers and their fans had outlandish, bright, and dare we say, funky outfits, hairdos and accessories. While mainstream rap nowadays is pretty much devoid of such bold style statement (and rapping itself), the 90s (and to some extent the earlier 2000s) were a time of experimentation.   Roscoe Dash – He sure doesn’t want anyone to forget who he is. See the rest of them […]

Birthday Cards As You Never Imagined Them

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Personalized cards like this ensure you’re never off their Christmas list – Suprise Pop Up Card Design I just loved the detailing. And the brilliant part is, its all about the effort, not the cost. The only question would be, how would you top that next year ? Anyone inspired ?

Can You Recognize This World Famous Author?

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He’s written a book that’s won the ‘prize of prizes’ and is also a controversial figure for some. If you can figure out who he is, leave your answer in the comments below. If there are any prizes, we’ll announce them at ‘midnight’.

Pune’s Grand Ohel David Synagogue

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Pune, known as one of Maharashtra’s (and India’s) cultural capitals, is full of unexplored treasures that one passes on an almost daily basis. The Ohel David Synagogue is one of these. A towering structure built in the English Gothic style, its red brick facade and spire catch the eye immediately. Said to be the largest in Asia outside Israel, it was built for the community of Baghdadi Jews who live in Mumbai, Pune and other pockets along the Konkan. Although the community is dwindling, the synagogue is well maintained. Here is a picture of the interior. Quite a sight to […]

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