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Indian, Middle Eastern & American fusion

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Hotel California + Odissi + Belly Dance = The Most Awesome Thing You Will See Today An Indian Classical dance, Odissi, in combination with the Middle Eastern classic,Belly Dancing, performed on the American Classic song ‘Hotel California. A wonderful, jaw dropping performance,  kudos to the Banjara School of Dance for the unique thought & flawless choreography!

This Photo Series On Birds Pushes The Boundaries Of The Surreal

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Yes, these birds are real. And the backgrounds as well. Both have been clicked by Photographer Cheryl Medow, who separately clicks the birds in the wild and the backgrounds elsewhere, and then transposes them with stunning results. The egrets were photographed in St. Augustine, Florida, and Devereux Lagoon and Slough, Santa Barbara, California. The night sky was photographed in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. As she explains, “I’m an artist first, and photography is a tool that I use to be creative,” she says. “When I picked up the camera and the computer it opened up new possibilities for me. I can […]

Your Tablet or Smartphone Might Just Be An Ideal Lighting Solution

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Unless you’re a skilled DIY type, lighting doesn’t come cheap. Whether you’re a food blogger or fashion photographer, extra equipment is a must, especially if shooting indoors or without natural light. But get this, you can use your phone or tablet (or both), without any add-ons or extra applications, as the perfect lighting solution. All it involves are some Photoshop brushes and masks, and some simple layering and voila, you get a photograph like the one above. To get the complete picture, click here – How To Use Your Tablet Or SmartPhone As A Light Source For Photography

Art + Food: Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Food Stylist

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No other job combines the visual aesthetics of food and the culinary arts as intensely as being a Food Stylist does. Although a degree or a diploma from a culinary school is usually required, this is a field that has people leaving well established careers, doing a course or two, and successfully grabbing a piece of the food styling ‘pie’. A job that combines the love of preparing and presenting delicious food as well as the glamour of the photo shoot, studios and celebrity chefs would, indeed, be had to pass up. Check out this helpful video on Lillian Kang, […]

Scandinavia in Pictures

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The churches, the roads less travelled, the polar bears, the snow, the thrill of crossing the Arctic Circle, the beauty in bleakness and its wonderful pristine nature make Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) a photographers delight ! Which pic is your favourite ?    

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