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Unicorn Hair – A Multi Colored Pastel Look With A Touch Of Magic

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What do you get when you mix post punk with some cosplay? Unicorn Hair. It’s a style that’s not just limited to a single  color. It’s up to the wearer’s personality and tastes to decide which color (or colors) they end up using, yet this is a style that anyone could recognize the moment they see it. Fluorescent, Neon and Mermaid Aquamarine are hues regularly seen. Some even go for a bright magenta in an almost Victorian bun. Go here to see more pictures and info – Unicorn Hair If you’re interested in trying it out yourself, here’s a how […]

Story of a dewdrop

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A chilly dawn , bright golden sky Glistened a dewdrop On a leaf quite dry… Rainbow hues ,mostly blue Sparkling and rejoicing so true Sun’s rays to scattering light Ah ! Can there be a prettier sight !! Till a bird flying low Took a fancy to its little bough Perched smugly ,it asked the drop Are you a mighty gem or a pearl Luminescent and glorious as you are Where my friend , you hail from? New to the worldly ways Drop smiled and said I am not a gem or a pearl I shine because of Sun’s rays […]

Statutory Warning

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The only common being was the sky. A shelter unsought but silently revered. Under its protective shadow dwelled three wise creatures. There was an old man, a puppy and a child. The first, feeble and frail. Another, yelping and pale. The last, a soul brave. They lived blissfully, under the blanketing sky. Untouched by greed and hidden from disease. A great deal of undiluted fervor, a gift from their worshipped savior. Into his recluse, the first went. The pale, comforted by its mother’s warmth closed its pearly eyes. The last, clapped its palms, dissolving into its material entertainment. All was […]

Writing Erotica and why I hate the label

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I didn’t choose to write this genre. I wrote one story, which got a fantastic reaction from some close friends, who then asked me if I could write more stories like that (since they felt there was nothing similar out there)…And voila, in just under a year, Eighteen Plus was published Please find the international Kindle edition (with the Hindi dialogue suitably translated) here I dont think I was completely prepared for the prudishness that I encountered – from the publisher (wanting to go easy on some of the marketing ideas), the retailers (Oh, no, sir – we can’t display […]

Women Who Changed The Way We Think about Design

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An interesting article in Huffington Post with some lovely visuals   Found some of the work quite ordinary but some refreshing Anne Wilson, Vivianna Torun and Eva Ziesal would be the ones who impressed the most.

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