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She sobbed. He comforted her, and she let him. She smiled. He smiled with her, and she pushed him away.

Days of Love

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The days of sorrow vanished,when I met him.He took away the pain and replaced it with joy;until the days of sorrow returned..

A gleam in the gray

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Hope kindled through her raven black eyes, enlightening the dark. Anxiety slithered through her slivered heart.  The emptiness that filled her had left her soul crumpled and broken but, a wave of relief gushed down her spine when she witnessed his eyes whip open.


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For billions of years she has stood. Yet tomorrow she may fall. All because of one supposedly intelligent species.

Departure #TTTTales

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“I’m afraid that’s not possible.” The boy looks through the fence at me. “You see, we only allow living people inside.”

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