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The God’ concern

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               ईश्वर की व्यथा कई धारणायें, कई परंपरायें मान्यताओं के विशाल जंगल अपने अपने विश्वास अपने अपने इतिहास नए नए तथाकथित सत्यों का विचित्र सा मकड़जाल उसमे घिरा सा मैं खोजता रहता हूँ निरंतर व्यथित सा, चकित सा ढूँढता रहता हूँ मैं अपना स्वरूप मैं, जो हूँ नियंता इस सृष्टि का, जिसका न ओर है न छोर है फिर भी बंधा हुआ हूँ उन सीमित रूपों से जो रचे समय समय पर मानव ने अपनी सीमित सोचों से विभिन्न दर्शनों से अपनी अपनी व्याख्याओं से अपने अपने धर्मों से क्या कभी हो पाऊँगा मैं मुक्त इन बंधनो […]

Dialogue with LORD SHIVA

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शिव से संवाद    कैसी है ये तेरी अनासक्ति ये उपेक्षा या है ये अकर्मण्यता या है ये तेरा प्रतिशोध पर क्यूँ क्योंकर ऐसा  हुआ क्यों  बिछुड़ गए लोग जिनका कोई अपराध न था थी केवल गहन श्रद्धा तेरे प्रति आराधना तेरे प्रति समर्पण तेरे प्रति फिर क्यूँ हुआ तू ऐसा निष्ठुर, उदासीन विरक्त, निर्मम सा उनसे जो थे निरीह प्रेमी जन  तेरे भक्त तेरे बहते रहे, लुटते रहे पर जयघोष भी करते रहे चिपटे रहे वो तुझसे तेरे नाम से और तू बस बेबस सा देखता रहा बस देखता ही रहा नहीं समझ पा रहा है तू है ये तेरे अस्तित्व […]

The Tutto Bene Juiced Up Personalities Contest

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Let’s see how well you guys know your juices, fruits and people ! Click on the image for a larger version. How to Participate : Simply match the columns in the following format – Name, Ingredients, Personality for all 5 of our selections and post in the comments section below. 2 Lucky Winners will win a meal voucher each worth Rs.300 from Tutto Bene, Pune. Contest runs up till 20th April 2016. Only one entry per user will be counted. All three columns should match for all five selections for an entry to be considered amongst the winning entries. Happy matching […]


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Met him in Colombo And then…. Life was never the same, Thought he’s a local, With the dark looks and the curly mane!   Impressed was I with his intellect, credentials and fun way, Was in LOVE, By the end of my stay!   Flew back home, Behaving like a Zombie, Only his thoughts in my head, Knew that to my heart, He held the key!   And then he flew across to Hong Kong More love, I found, Three months to the day we met, we were married, With our Parents’ blessings and joy abound!   19 glorious years, […]

Small Town

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Coming from this small town place, I could not match the bigger city pace. Here the world seems bright, But no friendly sight in the moonlight. Children here seem to be running fast, as if there is no second chance. Life used to be bliss, But now every second brain says Is that what you missed. World here has a different charm, Everyone wakes up with an alarm. People find you a little creep, As if you are a dirty sheep. Could be what image I got is wrong, Optimism is what I have strong. Wish this difference could be […]

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