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You might not believe this,

But I’ve got to say,

That Night is a goddess,

In the Greek way.


Now people may have different thought processes,

About this time of darkness.

They may find scary images in their messes,

Or waltz around unafraid with least distress


Some people get nightmares about a haunting ghost,

But some people don’t even sleep,

They love their own company and the tv the most,

And some (because they’re so freaked out) just wait for their alarm to beep.


But the reason I love the night so,

Is for what it does become,

To a beautiful sunrise from a sunset,

Is definitely worth some:

Nightmares, when you wake up in a fret,

And that creepy refrigerator hum.


So don’t be afraid of this beautiful time,

Just take control of your dreams.

‘Cause trust me, trust me, i bet you a dime,

It’ll change your view of how the night seems.



  • Anonymous26. Apr, 2016

    This indeed is a wonderful medium. : – ) A kaleidoscope of sight and sound and smell. 😀

  • Hardial Singh Aulakh26. Apr, 2016

    Very thoughtful. A wonderful attempt. Sleep is God’s gift to human beings.

  • Anonymous27. Apr, 2016

    Rejoice : The Nagpals have an upcoming budding poetess … To forge a path for others to follow… :-)

  • Anonymous27. Apr, 2016

    The human child – so much cannier at times than the stupefying ponderous adult …

  • Rishi Birla28. Apr, 2016

    Excellently captures the silence, sounds and the feeling at night. Very nicely done :-)

  • Anonymous29. Apr, 2016

    Sitting in the water, she imagined the smell of it, mapped our on her lover’s clothes… More than anything, it was the smell of friendship and she could find it on herself, too… She loved that smell.. :) She would sniff her arm and smile as the water cooled around her…

  • Anvika04. May, 2016

    Thank you all so much! I really appreciate it!

  • Anonymous11. May, 2016

    I go to my window and look out into the night. The moon is coming up over the building and a laburnum on the summit stands out in silhouette. Far down in the lane, the lights of the Capital twinkle up at me… An owl hoots gently and a flying squirrel glides from one treetop to another…

  • Anonymous05. Jun, 2016

    Tongue -Twisters To Try 😂 1) Tie twine to three tree twigs. 2) No nose knows like a GNOME’s nose knows.

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