Might of the Full Moon

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Might of the Full Moon

The moon has held a mystical place in the history of human culture.
All around the globe Moon Gods and Goddesses have played a significant
part of ancient history and myth, not just because of the known
influence on agriculture, fertility and the oceans tides, but for its
known influence and association with the 28 day cycle of a woman’s
menstruation and the pull we all feel to reflect. To go within.

The ancients believed that the moon symbolized theTriple Goddess.
Her three phases of maiden, mother and crone were associated with the
lunar phases of new, full and old. She changes form with the passing
of time, from her fullness to a darkened shadow, symbolizing life and
death and the transitions we all go through in between.

To Buddhists the full moon holds special religious significance
because Buddha was supposed to have been born, enlightened and die on
a full moon. Many of the old religions observe certain disciplines
such as fasting, ceremony and meditation around this time. There is a
whole science of ritual and magic designed around the moon and her
cycles. It has fascinated and entranced humanity for thousands of
years. Being both feared and worshipped.

To me she is the mystery, our intuition, the magic and the renewal.
She bestows the power of clarity, purity and brilliance of ones mind.
Each month is a chance for a new beginning. A fresh start. An
opportunity for transformation. It reflects the mystery and fear
within our souls.

When I can’t sleep on a full moon I visualize the moon rising over the
ocean creating a pathway over which I walk to greet the Goddess of the
moon. She is gracious and fecund. The epitomy of womanhood. Robed in
silver, with long flowing hair and piercing grey eyes that welcome me

She – in all her beauty and glory and lovingness steps onto the
path to meet me and gives me a great big nurturing hug, filling me
with all of her alchemical properties and divine love. Sometimes,
when I have issues I need to work on, I ask her to take me to the dark
side of the moon to find what is hidden there. What is hidden from me.
(Sometimes I even surprise myself.)

Give it a go! It might stop you from lying there watching the hours
tick by on those sleepless full moon nights, and you may even find
some hidden teasure that will give you a whole new lease of life!




  • Anonymous03. Feb, 2016

    The Moon : This lonely star that orbits around us every day, littered with the silence of the enormity of space, is one that we’ve claimed as our own… It’s become a prize of sorts ! Our only natural satellite that we admire, we humans are so fascinated with it that we went there just because…we could…

  • Anonymous08. Feb, 2016

    Moonlit crystals on a sleepy blue ocean…

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