How to buy an ideal piece of jewellery?

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How to buy an ideal piece of jewellery?

Whether it’s a lifetime occasion like an engagement or a wedding or a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, it can’t be complete without a piece of jewellery. Jewellery makes the perfect gift for unexceptional occasions. It allows the person who is giving the gift to showcase his or her heartfelt emotions and sentiments in a beautiful and effective manner. A piece of jewellery, be it a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or earrings, is well appreciated by the recipient. The recipient feels special and pampered. Jewellery makes the gift for a lifetime. It is treasured by the recipient and is usually passed on from one generation to the other.

Given the significance of jewellery, it is important that you buy something that is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Here are some basic tips for buying an ideal piece of jewellery.

Diamond jewellery-diamond jewellery is known for its brilliance and style, and meaning. It is indeed one of the most popular forms of jewellery. Whether you are looking for a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring or you want to buy a diamond bracelet for your man, make sure you understand the 4Cs of buying diamond. Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat are the four essentials for buying diamond. Cut refers to the symmetry or proportioning of the diamond. It affects its brilliance. The presence of blemishes and imperfections is yet another crucial factor in accessing the value of the diamond. Most diamond possess some form of colour but an ideal diamond is colourless. Carat refers to the diamond size which eventually affects its value.

Pearl jewellery-pearls have been used in jewellery for over hundreds of years. Pearls are often considered to be a symbol of purity and virtue. They come in a wide range of shapes, colours, and sources. Most people get overwhelmed when buying pearl jewellery. When buying pearl jewellery, look at pearl luster. Luster refers to the sharpness and intensity of reflection on the pearl’s surface. Pearl size is another important factor to consider when buying pearl jewellery. Usually, the larger the pearl size, the greater is its cost and also the beauty of the piece of jewellery.

Gold jewellery-often considered as a symbol of purity, prosperity, and wealth, gold jewellery is amongst the most loved jewelleries in the world. When buying gold jewellery, consider its colour. Gold has many colour variations such as yellow, white, and rose. Consider the purity of the gold. The carat options indicate the purity of gold. The higher the carat number, the higher is the purity of gold. Finally, consider the price of the gold jewellery. The price of a gold ring or gold necklace is determined by its purity, the amount of skill and labour that goes into its making and the kind of alloy with which it is made.

Watches-watches are being increasingly appreciated both by men and men as they are functional items and are seen as collectible works of art. Like other pieces of jewellery, watches too come in several styles, designs, and price range. From simple to ornate and inexpensive to pricey, there are watches for every budget and need. When buying a watch, you must look at its finish, band, movement, and other watch features.

Gemstone jewellery-gemstone jewellery is a favourite amongst men and women who wish to express their unique and personal style with this otherwise beautiful and impressive type of jewellery. Gemstone jewellery besides being beautiful has therapeutic healing properties. Several gems, such as diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire are used in treating chronic illnesses, mental complaints and emotional disturbances. Understand the unique healing property of a stone before buying it. And like diamonds, gemstone should also be bought after you have considered their colour, clarity, cut, and Carat.

Keep the above guidelines in mind and buy the perfect piece of jewellery for the person you love and care for.


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