• What are the requirements to start earning of the site?

All one has to do is to create a free account, set up your profile and post articles. If your article generates traffic, you get paid an amount corresponding to the traffic generated. It’s that simple.


  • Are there any sign up fees or other kinds of fees involved?

None whatsoever.


  • Do I have to be a writer to post articles?

No. Although written material (either by itself or accompanying other media) is encouraged, you can share videos, photographs, and just about anything. Don’t forget to write adequate descriptions, provoke questions!


  • I have posted an article on my blog, can I post it here as well?

Feel free to – just realise it’s a different forum and so to generate readership you may have to tweak things a bit  / put in a new headline or even raise questions.


  • What are the guidelines for posting?

Adequate written description for the content being shared. No hard selling of products or services. Don’t just share a link – we and our readers would love to know what you think of the link / the creative process / the thoughts it raises within you.


  • What is the payment cycle like?

Payment is calculated at the start of every month for the previous calendar month. To make payments we will need your bank account details – your bank should receive the amounts due within three months of the calendar month of the original post.


  • Can I keep track of how my article is doing?

Yes, every profile is equipped with a real time author dashboard showing you the exact amount of percentage of traffic for the given month that your article and articles have gotten.


  • For how long will my article generate income for me?

Your article will earn you money for 3 calendar months from the date it is published. For example – If your article was posted on 3rd March, 2015 (03/03/2015), it will be generating income until 3rd June, 2015 (03/06/2015). You will still be able to track your article stats after that date.


  • What is the minimum percentage of traffic my articles (cumulative for a month) should attain to be legible for payment?

Your total readership for a month should be a minimum of 5% to qualify for payment.


  • Can brands get involved?

Most certainly. Please see our Partner/Branding Page and get in touch.

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