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Earth, earth  it’s your home,

This is the place where you always roam.

Plant more trees,

And see happy bees.

Don’t pollute the river,

or Earth will quake and shiver,

Lets give a hand,

Fill them with sand,

Lets make a plant sow,

And watch it grow.

The difference you will see,

How happy you will be,

Protect Earth for you and me!



  • Anonymous26. Apr, 2016

    How innocent and true….

  • Anonymous26. Apr, 2016

    Follow the 3 R’s too – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… If only each one of us makes a conscious effort, will there be a change and the world will be a better place…

  • Apurv Nagpal26. Apr, 2016

    Beautiful poem and thoughts, Yashika !

  • Anonymous29. Apr, 2016

    She settled into the long arms of grass, lying back… She closed her eyes and her ears held the notes…

  • Ritu06. May, 2016

    Lovely poem Yashika!!

  • rishi06. May, 2016

    Very well written Yashika :-) hope to see more like these :-)

  • Anonymous05. Jun, 2016

    5th June : World Environment Day…

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