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Walkway to Hell

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We gathered in mourning clothes around a burnt body. A terrorist? But as we stood in black, all of us were the same, with skin and sin as dark as … Read More »


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He looked down at his hands,which were covered in a sticky red liquid.They all stared. “What?” he said to them. “I really like hot dogs.” +130   


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‘I have here with me the one thing you’ve always missed the most.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘A chance.’ +120   


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She broke down, realising only after she had already pulled the trigger that what she thought had been her downfall had indeed been her saving grace. +120   


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She ran for ages, wondering where her journey would end. She then realized she was on a treadmill. +130   

The Fantasy

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They weren’t in the world evryone else around them was in. They were in a fantasy, living the dream…. +3320   

The Final Smile

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A smile spread across her face and her eyes glittered as she looked at him one last time… +440   

Bottled Up

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The fire within her raged. Her blood surged through her veins. She couldn’t keep it bottled up any longer. She had to let it out. She laughed… +110   


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Days flew by as they gazed lovingly into each others’ eyes. Only a thin sheet of glass kept them apart. +110   


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बीता हुआ था कल जो मेरा, जुड गया वापस यूॅ मुझसे जैसे कभी टूटा ही न था , कैसे कहूॅ क्या पाया सबसे , अलफाज नही है,कुछ पास हमारे प्यार … Read More »

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