Body Trends That Need To Stop Before Your Teenage Niece Gets On It

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Body Trends That Need To Stop Before Your Teenage Niece Gets On It


We live in a world where all it takes to influence young minds is a single tweet by someone pretty famous. Not just minds, it’s the bodies that readily undergo drastic changes because Kim Kardarshian is rocking a certain look, thanks to waist training, or Taylor Swift is looking fabulously skinny in a glittery mini. Now fashion trends are one thing, but body trends are a real threat to the Internet, and thus, society.

2014 was labelled The Year of Eyebrows by a popular fashion Bible. With the likes of model Cara Delevingne, actress Lily Collins and popstar Lorde, all the girls were onto the bold eyebrows trend like they’re ready to take over the world. Big, bushy eyebrows became the new in thing, giving a strong, fierce, even androgynous look to an otherwise feminine face. But we’re not complaining. Because that’s a harmless body trend, right?

Alright, let’s move onto the next big thing that followed: the thigh gap. Now this one was a real menace because with it came truck loads of teenage girls trying very hard to make sure that the space between their thighs is wide enough to look exactly like the hot models posing for magazines. But leave alone hot, this trend didn’t even look healthy to me. Thighs that are so far apart they don’t touch each other from the very beginning? That sounded highly inane to me. Until I saw that a few girls are seriously pursuing this trend, giving way to a whole bunch of dangerous eating disorders. The bigger the thigh gap, the sexier she was, apparently. Skinny legs were getting thousands of ‘likes’ on social media, around the same time that mirror selfies were exploding on Instagram. But things were only about to get worse.

The bikini bridge. Basically, it’s a concave dip between the hip bones so that, when a woman takes a selfie of her body while lying on a beach towel, a miniature animated character could literally do a Tarzan swing along the curves of her lower abdomen. We’ve all heard of washboard abs, but the bikini bridge is an expectation real women find mighty tough to meet. Still, due to their weak attempts, plenty of cupcakes get sacrificed along the way.

Add to these the latest body trend to hit our Newsfeeds – the thighbrow. If the thigh gap was a naturally skinny girl’s best friend, the thighbrow is the curvy woman’s Christmas come early. A strange term coined to define the set of folds that appear where the leg and hipbone meet, when a bootilicious woman sits, kneels or squats down. Rising to popularity with photos of Beyonce, the Kardashian sisters and Kendall Jenner to prove as inspiration, this trend is another one that makes me shake my head. Granted, curvy women like me should be glad that thick layers of skin are being celebrated, but this is still pressure for anybody who don’t fit this body type. Skinny is out, curvy is in, and tomorrow being on the bigger side might be considered the ideal picture of a beautiful woman. My question is, when will this end? Why can’t we all exist, with all our body types, and learn to embrace them?

Tonight, I want you all to step in front of your mirror, naked, and tell yourself,. “I am no Beyonce but I am me, and that’s more than good enough for this life.”


A millennial in denial, Saniaa loves writing different bios for herself on every social media platform, each one of which make her sound like a different person altogether. When she is not making trivial observations, failing to be diplomatic with her opinions or writing words at every given opportunity, she is probably holed up in her bedroom cranking up Beyonce and pretending to slay.


  • Preet Shah24. Sep, 2015


  • Preet Shah24. Sep, 2015

    I loved everything about this article! I don’t know if this is TMI– but a fews days ago i did see how my ‘thighbrow’ looks– and of course Christmas did not come early. I was a bit disappointed, but being curvy, this is definitely not something i am going to achieve- ever. I love me- and i am no Beyonce! Awesome :)

    • Saniaa24. Sep, 2015

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Preet Shah! :) Am so happy you could relate with it. “Christmas did not come early” cracked me up LOL stay positive, love. x

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