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Met him in Colombo

And then….

Life was never the same,

Thought he’s a local,

With the dark looks and the curly mane!


Impressed was I with his intellect, credentials and fun way,

Was in LOVE,

By the end of my stay!


Flew back home,

Behaving like a Zombie,

Only his thoughts in my head,

Knew that to my heart,

He held the key!


And then he flew across to Hong Kong

More love, I found,

Three months to the day we met, we were married,

With our Parents’ blessings and joy abound!


19 glorious years,

Travelled across all continents,

Each experience with you, unique and wonderful,

My dearest, absolutely no regrets



Two beautiful children,

My moon and My Sun,

Call you the ‘Man of Steel’

And know that you are indeed, the ‘Unique’ one,




Life has sprung on us many a surprises,

Our relationship has been tested ,

With time and people in various guises,

But you have been the wings,

To my fanciful flights

I hope I can be the wind beneath your wings,

My Dearest,

And help you reach new heights!!






  • Anonymous02. Apr, 2016

    Wow ! A woman in love….

  • Bindu Cherungath04. Apr, 2016

    Really luved d way u expressed Ritu… God bless u and Apurv with a wonderful life ahead….

  • Nisha Rajpal04. Apr, 2016


  • rishi04. Apr, 2016

    Very nice :-) the writer awakens :-)

  • Ashok Nagpal04. Apr, 2016

    Wow Ritu ! Excellent indeed.Keep it up.Our best wishes & blessings.

  • Hardial Singh Aulakh04. Apr, 2016

    A wonderful poem befitting the occasion. Happy to know you can write so well. God bless you both with all the joy and happiness.

  • Reha04. Apr, 2016

    Superb Ritu!

  • Wonderfully captured your life in a few words.-Amod04. Apr, 2016

    Wonderfully captured your life in a few words.-Amod

  • Anonymous04. Apr, 2016

    He came…. He saw…. He conquered…. Made-for-each-other Power Couple… May no Troubles Touch This Trophy family ever… Touchwood !

  • Sandeep Lakhina04. Apr, 2016

    awseome! keep the love flowing and growing!!

  • NAND SONI05. Apr, 2016

    Love knows no boundaries ,or should I say abundance of love.Love is a many splendid thing,it’s like a lovely rose which ever grows in the spring.

  • Seema05. Apr, 2016

    Wow Ritu Wonderful poem.

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