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PFADZ is an interactive, community driven content portal about creativity with a unique revenue sharing model that ensures that all writers and contributors receive remuneration for their efforts. The more PFADZ earns, so do you! The name stands for Photography, Fashion, Art, Design and Everything in Between (Z), and these categories reflect our vision of catering only those with truly creative interests. We choose to focus on inspiration, creation and thought rather than celebrity gossip and trend promotion.

PFADZ is an inclusive community, and registration is quick and free, allowing our members to post their content as and when they please, with minimal interference from us. Go ahead, share something that has inspired you, or better still, something you’ve created…

If you’re someone with creative ideas and loves to immerse themselves in all things stimulating and inventive, PFADZ is the platform you’ve all been waiting for.

PFADZ is created, owned and managed by the upcoming, fast rising social media firm, Bazooka Digital

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Apurv Nagpal

Having worked in blue-chip corporates for 19 years across 6 countries and risen to the top, Apurv now simply follows his passions. Currently a man with many hats – blogger (he reviews movies at ApurvBollywood), prominent Twitterati (@ApurvNagpal), entrepreneur, consultant and best-selling author (the sexy, funny Eighteen Plus), Apurv is an avid traveller and sports fan, having visited every continent (including Antarctica) and attended every FIFA World Cup since 1998.

Ritu Nagpal:

An Interior Decor enthusiast, Reiki Master, Art connoisseur and an avid yoga practitioner, Ritu is a champion of healthy & wholesome living and does not believe in taking life too seriously. Except when it comes to being a mom..

Ritu Nagpal

Vishal Bakaya

Vishal graduated from Symbiosis, Pune in 2011 and has been working with Start Ups ever since, conceptualizing and executing social media campaigns. He is also a passionate cook, musician, writer, editor and Dog Parent.

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