A Lone Wolf in The Himalayas

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A Lone Wolf in The Himalayas

A misty mountain top, I see, consumed by snow

By the rock I sit, where the cold winds make me quiver

Where the Gods reside

Where the Mountains kiss the clouds

Where the ‘sound of silence’ frees the soul

Of all the worldly miseries and woes


“In the lap of the Himalayas”



Pic 2


I started my day with the first ray of light that hit my face…I woke up to a clear sky n a pleasant weather…
Perfect for the trek i had in mind, packed my bag’s,put my tent,knife ,food and all what I required for a long trek into the endless woods,mostly pines that stretched through the horizon into the vast sky…
I walked a long way from Kullu(4000ft) to Chandrakhani Pass((13,500ft) via Manikaran to Malana (9800ft) along the River Beas.
Half way through it started to pour.
What I thought of as a gentle drizzle, gradually transformed into thunders and then hail storms and snow,which was the least to my expectations.
All drenched ,half frozen and nearly dead I reached a small shack which was about 5kms  prior to my first checkpoint, Manikaran, where I sat by a fire and a warm cup of tea rejuvenated me back to life.
After which I reached Manikaran,an ancient gurudwara with hot water springs ,where I gave my feet some rest and stayed there for the night.
Next morning,
I woke up to Sikh Hymns (Guru Waani) and a very swampy after-rain terrain from where I continued on my quest further into the Himalayas,
Little did I know,of what awaited me..
Of what was resting deep in the woods in that vast snowfield that I was yet to explore..
I looked at the scarcely visible mountain top that extended through the clouds so high, it was like looking at the afternoon sun , I had a bad feeling of what I would encounter ahead..
But I ignored my instincts and started walking..
After 6-7 hrs of rigourous walking,slipping and hitting my knee on random rocks..
I shivered my way to the top all covered in thorns, wet mud and wild insects.
As i walked forward I see a mesmerizing view , that words less describe.
A snow covered mountain top that spread endlessly through the horizon into the melting evening sky where birds flew into the setting sun.
Now I just had to walk through the pass from peak to peak,
So,I decided to camp there for the night.
I had to set my base on that very snow field
First I dug a hole 2-3 ft deep,broad enough to fit my tent in and to keep me safe from the cold powerful winds.
Then I collected enough wood from the nearby pine tree’s to survive through the night.
On my way back to the camp site I encountered a huge grizzly bear followed by a baby grizzly   about 500m away which walked down the slope that lead into the valley.
The first thing I did was check for my knife which i had, just incase.
I reached the camp,made a fire,some tea, food and totally drained I finally hit the bed.
The next morning,
I set walk to Malana,where Rishi Jamdagni and Parshuram lived for centuries.

I ran down the slope where I saw bears the last day and in to the valley I was lead where I walked along a river and reached the last mountain I had to conquer, from whose top i could see Malana(pic 1)
I gathered all my strength to do what I had to do,reach the top which overlooked the whole Malana valley, a spectacular view it was. (PIC 1)

I write this from the snow capped heaven you can see in PIC 2.


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  • Anonymous03. Feb, 2016

    These are hidden gems with unspoilt nature unbound.. Splendid views of Himalayas.. Being at a higher altitude the views are truly spellbinding without compromising too much on the panorama… It is a landscape and nightscape photographers delight with great sunrise and sunset pictures on the peaks…

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