5 Stadiums That Are Visual Spectacles Themselves

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5 Stadiums That Are Visual Spectacles Themselves

A sports arena, in addition to being home to epic tales of victory and loss, should be able to tell visual stories themselves through their own appearance. The ability to do so makes these stadiums some of the most iconic in the world, endearing themselves to fans and becoming a rallying point for entire countries.

Here are some of the 5 most visually spectacular stadiums in the world, handpicked by Campus Shoes.

Allianz Arena

One of Germany’s most well known stadiums, the Allianz Arena is known worldwide for its iconic inflated ETFE plastic panel exterior. It is also the first in the world to be able to be completely illuminated.

The exterior is also capable of changing colors. The stadium features Europe’s largest parking structure. The stadium has been nicknamed ‘Schlauchboot’ or ‘Inflatable Boat’.

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

Located in North Korea, this is the world’s largest stadium by capacity, accommodating 150,000.

The massive roof features 16 arches in the shape of a ring, signifying a magnolia blossom. The stadium hosts football and some athletic events, but is mainly used for ‘Arirang’ or ‘Mass Games’.

Beijing National Stadium

This Stadium’s innovative design and spectacular exterior look almost surreal. The design was chosen from 13 submissions, and was used for the Olympics.

The design finds its origins in Chinese Ceramics, and the finished exterior is meant to resemble a bird’s nest, an important Chinese symbol.

World famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was the artistic mind behind the appearance.

DY Patil Stadium


One of India’s best Stadiums in terms of design.


It has a unique cantilevered roof. It was also the first stadium in the world to have a concert level reinforced music system. Designed by well known Indian Architect Hafeez Contractor

FNB Stadium

Located in Johannesburg, this is Africa’s largest stadium.


The stadium design is inspired by an African Pot, with colours that tell a story. The outside has fire and earthen colours, and a ring of lights near the base signifies fire underneath the pot. The stadium also provides for a unique experience – no spectator is more than 100 metres from the field and there are no restricted views at all.

What stadiums would you like to add to this list of magnificent arenas? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous27. Nov, 2015

    Wow ! These are amazing landmarks.. Architectural delight. Stunning combination with glass and light.. The sports enthussiast that you are, must have been to each one of them, and the occasion turned out to be truly memorable.. Nothing compares with the exhilaration of watching your favorite sportsmen playing in front of your eyes, the amalgamation of all that cheering, the crowd, the celebrations… It’s true that travelling can bring down stress levels..

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