10 Things you Didn’t Know About Gold!

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10 Things you Didn’t Know About Gold!

There’s an old saying that women can’t have too many clothes or too many jewellery. It is true indeed! Women love their clothes and jewellery and always look for opportunities to flaunt their best collection. Be it a friend’s marriage or sister’s engagement, we always want to look perfect with our best set of jewellery collection. As soon as a popular jewellery brand launches new collection, we are eager to stumble upon it and buy some exquisite piece of jewellery. It can be a neckpiece, a ring or earring, doesn’t matter. Jewellery pieces are available in a variety of metals, but our love for gold is never ending and always holds a special place in our hearts. One can call it the tradition or culture of India, its charm fills us with immense pleasure.

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The popularity of gold has increased over the years and one cannot think a marriage without this metal. But, here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about gold:

  • Gold was discovered back in 4000 B.C, it is the first metal in human race used in making jewellery. So, gold was actually invented before stones!
  • Dentists used to use gold wire to fix fake teeth back in 7th Century B.C. and for cavity fillings in the 16th century.
  • In 1532, when America was first being colonized, the Spaniards which had arrived in Peru discovered huge assortment of gold, at that time the collection was biggest ever collected in history.
  • A man called Conrad Reed is the first one to discover gold, he found out 17 pound chunk of gold in his father’s farm. However, it would never come in light if they wouldn’t use that as a doorstep. After using it for three years as a doorstep, a jeweler indentified it.
  • The reed family could turn into a rich family if they knew about the true value of that doorstep. The chunk of rock could turn into $100000 in today’s money. They sold it to the jeweler and got $3.50 from him. The family is known for the father of goldmine.
  • As James Bond told you in the movie Goldfinger, there’s nothing as ‘skin suffocation’; but, the crew of the film weren’t not aware of this, so while covering actress Shirley Eaton in gold pain, they left a small patch on her tummy.
  • India has world’s largest users of gold for ornaments and decorative purposes. Our country has 20% of users of world’s total users.
  • This metal has durability and has been highly appreciated throughout the history, so humans are always recycling it and using it from the time it has invented. 85 percent of all gold ever found on this earth is still being used till date.
  • Can you ever imagine that in some buildings windows are coated with gold? Because, in summer it helps to reflect sunlight and in winters it retain heat.So, if you are in Delhi and looking for best jewellery shops, go to Hazoorilal Legacy in GK Part I, and explore their exciting range of gold jewellery.
Enjoying marriage parties, seeing people jewellery, I Ekta Singh missed in my childhood and of course these things inspired me to aware the people about jewellery . All the time since I wake-up till I get in the bed, my mind keeps running for the things to write the bridal jewellery collection and different types of jewellery etc .With this post I would like to tell you about various types of Indian jewellery.

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  • Anonymous13. Feb, 2016

    Gold is so expensive.. Still it’s fascination doesn’t stop Indians from purchasing and stuffing their lockers 😉 … My maternal uncle (stinking rich businessman plus a habitual gambler…) had got these gold implants decades ago… Glittering golden teeth…. !!!! *_*

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