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The mind, body & soul connection

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  “Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India and is now practiced in various forms around the world. Yoga promotes harmony among people and between ourselves and the outside world” : General Secretary of the United Nations. Recognising Yoga’s universal appeal, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21st June as the International Day of Yoga. Large sessions and performances were conducted all over the world with a big one being held in the US, in Times Square in New York City. Am super proud of this heritage of ours taking roots all over the […]

8 Tips From An Indian Pro-Cyclist On How To Make It Big Cycling In India

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India’s First UCI Continental Pro Cyclist Naveen John recently completed 3 power packed, insightful and enlightening workshops for cyclists in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. In an interview conducted by Starkenn Bikes, The Giant Rider focused on the importance of correct, focused training, adapting to the Indian cycling experience and how to mentally and physically perform as both a casual cyclist/athlete and at a professional level. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind – 1.The earlier, the better Cycling talent should be recognised, encouraged and honed, especially if spotted at a young age. Don’t simply assume your child is […]

The anatomy of my funny doodles

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Every time there’s a negative life-changing event in the world – be that a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a political campaign, a controversy – there will be a string of cartoons supporting and showing solidarity for the said reason. Doing that makes us (I mean doodlers and cartoonists) a part of a bigger fraternity from around the world. When Charlie Hebdo happened, I doodled a tiny toon in solidarity, standing by the incident. I have been doodling on my page for over a year, and here’s why I would never do that again. As a kid, I grew up […]


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Earth, earth  it’s your home, This is the place where you always roam. Plant more trees, And see happy bees. Don’t pollute the river, or Earth will quake and shiver, Lets give a hand, Fill them with sand, Lets make a plant sow, And watch it grow. The difference you will see, How happy you will be, Protect Earth for you and me!


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You might not believe this, But I’ve got to say, That Night is a goddess, In the Greek way.   Now people may have different thought processes, About this time of darkness. They may find scary images in their messes, Or waltz around unafraid with least distress   Some people get nightmares about a haunting ghost, But some people don’t even sleep, They love their own company and the tv the most, And some (because they’re so freaked out) just wait for their alarm to beep.   But the reason I love the night so, Is for what it does […]

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